Ballet, a basis of all dance forms combines the beauty of music with dance. The benefits of learning ballet include development of good posture, self discipline while learning technique and musicality. Ballet school provides the young dancer with opportunities to develop grace, fitness and self confidence while enjoying learning to dance professionally or for recreation.

Perform Art Studios North Vancouver ballet school offers classes for all age groups from preschool to young adults. Our First ART ballet program for preschoolers and our preschool dance programs introduce ballet and other dance forms, providing awareness and movement vocabulary that are the basis for self-expression in dance, development of fine and gross motor co-ordination skills, exposure to spatial reasoning and improved listening skills. Students learn self discipline and responsibility while developing their ability to work with others.

Perform Art Studios offers Royal Academy of Dance ballet syllabus and exams. The Royal Academy of Dance has an international reputation for dance excellence. The purpose of this training and the exams is to develop discipline, confidence in performance and a personal sense of achievement. Our Exam preparation classes, taught by certified RAD teachers, specifically prepare students for successful completion of an exam administered by the RAD.

Our Pre-Professional and Professional ballet programs prepare gifted and serious young dancers for a professional career. Our classes provide advanced technical ballet training, career coaching, mentoring and performance opportunities. Our professional ballet training allows for individual development and enjoyment within the class, either in preparation for professional training and RAD ballet exams, or for the pure enjoyment of dance. Students are individually guided and are able to progress at their own rate.


Class Details

What makes Perform Art Studios unique?

  • Smaller Classes – 12 students per dance class at our dance studio
  • Individual Attention – Because of our small class sizes we are better able to focus on, and correct any problems earlier in the learning process. The results speak for themselves as we give our students more teacher time than any other school!
  •  Professional Instruction – Yes, many of our instructors are world class dancers and have achieved international recognition but more important to our students is that they are also certified and trained educators with the experience and knowledge it takes to train others to achieve the same level of excellence.

How To Get Started

Our Ballet School and dance studios are located within a 5 minute walk from the North Vancouver seabus terminal. Drop in for a visit or give us a call, or eMail us with any questions you might have.

We’d love to hear from you.

– The Ballet School, staff and students