Dance Lessons North Vancouver

Dance Lessons North Vancouver

Children can benefit greatly from learning to dance. Dance offers a new way to look at the world and provides them with a way to express their creativity. They learn many new things that they can take with them as they enter school and go through life. While arts programs in schools are often being phased out, it is important for parents to introduce dance to their children outside of the regular school day with dance lessons in North Vancouver.

Benefits of Dance Lessons in North Vancouver

Children will enjoy many benefits by participating in dance lessons in North Vancouver. Dance lessons are a healthy outlet and fun way to exercise. Regular participation keeps children fit, controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels naturally and provides the basis for a healthy life. Children who do not take part in regular physical activities are more at risk for developing health problems.

In addition to the physical benefits, dance is also a way to improve your mood and outlook. It teaches children coordination skills which are particularly helpful for young children. Dance lessons in North Vancouver are a way to learn structure, take direction and enjoy learning. Children will become better able to develop other new skills as a result of dance. They are better able to learn to ride a bike, for instance.

Regular classes allow a child to learn how to diffuse anger and other negative emotions through the use of dance. Dancers also learn how to multi-task from an early age so they are better able to learn in school. As children dance they also develop endurance and they gain an appreciation for working towards a goal as they prepare for performances.

Dance Lessons in North Vancouver

Children as young as 3 can begin dance lessons. Our general dance division offers a selection of programs for various age groups. The First Start program gives preschoolers an introduction to all types of dance. Ballet classes are taught by a Royal Academy of Dance registered teacher.

Our jazz dance, hip-hop, lyrical jazz, contemporary and tap classes are offered at levels 1 to 3 so that all students can progress through their preferred dance programs. Boys hip-hop and urban classes are upbeat and high energy. Classes are designed for age groups ranging from preschoolers to age 18.

Summer Dance Programs

Summer is a great time to learn dance or to further your dance skills. The Fresh Start dance camp, for children ages 3 to 5, introduces children to new types of dance each week. Triple Threat dance camp is a fun way to learn dancing, singing and acting. The Next Step dance camp teaches ballet, jazz, acro, lyrical and more. Kids ages 5 to 7 can sign up for the junior level while those ages 8 to 12 can participate in the intermediate level. Older dancers will enjoy Dance Intensive Week which offers daily classes and prepares students for a choreographed studio show.  Hip-hop offers a fun way to learn new moves. You can call us or register for classes online.

Dance Lessons North Vancouver
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