Ballet Classes North Vancouver

Ballet Classes North Vancouver

Ballet Classes in North Vancouver

If you are thinking about enrolling your daughter or son in ballet classes, North Vancouver is a great place to be. Perform Art Studios in Lonsdale Quay Market at 123 Carrie Cates Court is accepting new students today.

Myriad benefits of ballet lessons

Girls and boys who attend ballet classes in North Vancouver are exposed to culture and discipline that they might not otherwise experience. Hip-hop, tap dance, crunk, jazz and other sorts of dance forms may seem to be more popular with youngsters nowadays, but there will always be a place for the grace, elegance and strength of ballet. In fact, a working knowledge of basic and advanced ballet steps can actually improve a dancer's ability to do jazz, hip-hop, tap and other sorts of dance.

Dance classes are also a great way for kids to become more well rounded women and men, and kids can start ballet lessons in North Vancouver at a young age. Even shy children shine when practicing moves at the barre or in front of a mirror. A number of benefits of ballet classes for kids were recently noted by the Child Development Institute:

  • Kids who take ballet classes learn to follow instructions
  • Kids who take ballet lessons in North Vancouver learn co-ordination and balance
  • Kids in dance classes get regular exercise
  • Kids who take ballet classes spend time away from their phone
  • Kids who study ballet become comfortable performing to an audience

When kids are young, it's easy for them to learn new things. Ballet classes in North Vancouver offer a nice opportunity for children to strengthen their bodies while increasing poise, balance and an overall sense of accomplishment. Even if your little ones do not opt to make a career of dance, a childhood ballet education can start them on the path to success.

Ballet classes in North Vancouver may be more fun, if you know a few astonishing facts about the elegant dance.

A few amazing facts about ballet

  • A male dancer may lift and carry more than a ton of ballerina during a performance
  • A typical ballerina goes through three pairs of pointe shoes every week
  • A performance tutu can cost thousands of dollars
  • Some tutus cannot be laundered and are worn only once
  • One tutu takes more than 100 yards of ruffle fabric and requires around 90 hours to construct
  • There are more than 3,000 ballerinas dancing right this minute
  • An average ballet performance lasts around four hours
  • A ballet studio floor comprises around 400 planks of polished wood
  • Before 1681, female ballerina roles in France were performed by young men
  • As a child, King Louis XIV was cast in a female ballet role by Jean-Baptiste Lully
  • The five basic ballet foot positions were devised in the 18th century

If your kids say that they are interested in taking ballet classes in North Vancouver, bring them for a visit to Perform Art Studios in Lonsdale Quay Market at 123 Carrie Cates Court in North Vancouver. 

Ballet Classes North Vancouver
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