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North & West Vancouver 's Dance School: Est. 2003

  • Dance Lessons / dance classes for beginners, advanced to pre-professional half day.
  • Ages 0-18 yrs.
  • Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D Ballet)
  • General Dance Classes (Age 3-18yrs.)
  • Pre-Professional Dance Dance Training Division.
  • Preschool Ballet Dance Programs (Age 0-6yrs.)
  • Half Day Dance Program

Phone: 604-988-4420
Register now for dance at Perform Art Studios - North Vancouver's dance school

What people are saying about our dance school:

We are happy to shift our dancers from another dance academy to Perform Art Studios - Dance School in North Vancouver. The quality of dance instruction is high, the dance class sizes are realistic, and the individual attention has resulted in a remarkable improvement  - and that's not just our opinion, it is reflected in their Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet dance exam results

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2hr. Free Parking, Shops, Cafes & More!